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Our Crossfit program consists of varied high-intensity classes that last one hour. Each class will be different, but most tend to include a warm-up, a strength component, and a workout of the day (WOD). Classes are lead by a trainer that holds a minimum of a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certificate, and is there to guide each individual towards their fitness goals. Classes incorporate a multitude of different training modalities including weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, bodyweight movements, strongman, cardiovascular exercises, and bodybuilding. The  skills, abilities, and mentality developed through consistent training in Crossfit not only make our members better athletes, but also make for  happier, healthier, and more capable people in general. Unlimited members have access to all group classes.

3x A Week

Our 3x per week membership offers the same program as our unlimited membership, but for 3 sessions per week only. 3x/week members are welcome to join any of our CrossFit classes, along with our Skills class, Community class, and Bad Idea Saturday.

The 3x/week membership is perfect for individuals who have man work commitments or who enjoy splitting their exercise between CrossFit and other activities.

Crossfit Kids

CrossFit Kids was developed to help kids grow up healthy and strong, while enjoying fitness. Kids will learn how to move their own body and basic weights under the supervision of a professional coach.  Interested in finding out more or signing up, please fill out this form.