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Group Classes

Our Crossfit program consists of varied high-intensity classes that last one hour. Each class will be different, but most tend to include a warm-up, a strength component, and a workout of the day (WOD). Classes are lead by a trainer that holds a minimum of a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certificate, and is there to guide each individual towards their fitness goals. Classes incorporate a multitude of different training modalities including weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, bodyweight movements, strongman, cardiovascular exercises, and bodybuilding. The skills, abilities, and mentality developed through consistent training in Crossfit not only make our members better athletes, but also make for happier, healthier, and more capable people in general.

Unlimited and three times a week membership options available.

Youth Program

The Youth Program is back! Classes will focus on maintaining or improving good movement patterns, body awareness, building strength and stamina (all at age appropriate levels, of course), while also building confidence and camaraderie!

Classes start Tuesday Nov 7th.

Our coach for the kids 5-8 and 9-12 age groups, Abbie, is a former gymnast, with plenty of energy, enthusiasm, and patience. She is a Brand X Method certified youth coach.

Our teens coach, Jon, is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Dos Pueblos High School, a CrossFit Level 1 coach, USA Weightlifting Certified Trainer, as well as a Brand X Method certified youth coach. He is excellent at motivating teens, while still prioritizing good movement patterns and age-appropriate weights.

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Personal Training

Get one on one coaching with a program designed for your goals.

Barbell Club

Starting Nov 1st, we will have a barbell club class from 630-730pm on Tues / Thursday evenings in the auxiliary room. This class will focus on getting you STRONG and working to improve your lifting technique.

Coach Julian will be programming the 8 week lifting cycle to complement what we are doing in the regular classes, so there will not be overlap in programming or too much volume on one specific muscle group.

This class is intended for anyone interested in learning more about Olympic Weightlifting, and in particular the snatch and clean & jerk. The focus will be on building motor patterns through deliberate repetition to create sound, efficient, safe, and strong technique. Emphasis for this first cycle will be on pulling positioning from the ground, overhead stability, and improving the timing of your Olympic lifts. We want to see you set some new PRs!

Coach Julian will be lifting with the group and Coach Casey (USAW National Champ, and USAW certified coach) and Coach Jeff will be coaching the classes.

Classes will be 2x/week on Tues and Thursday, with an additional (optional) day of programming for you to complete on Saturday or Sunday mornings during the morning CrossFit classes or Skills time. No other open gym time will be available.

We will be limiting this first training cycle to 6 participants to ensure that we have enough space / equipment / and coaching for each of you. We hope to expand beyond this number after this initial 8 week cycle!

Nutrition Coaching

Work with our wonderful nutrition coach Hannah to optimize your meals, tailored to your specific goals.

Physical Therapy

In partnership with Foster Fitness and Physical Therapy. Get back to doing what you love faster with one on one care from Dr. Erin Foster.